Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wet 1979

Wet 1979
When it came to making albums, Barbra often has found inspiration in unusual ways. One day while enjoying her backyard jacuzzi, Barbra thought it would be a great spot to shoot an album cover. She'd have the pictures taken while she was in the hot tub. After the image, came the music. You have to hand it to her, once she decided that all the songs would be about water -- tears, rain, sweat -- she really developed a terrific set of songs for an LP. Following the success of the song "The Main Event," Paul Jabara conceived of another disco hit for Barbra -- only this time he dreamed of Barbra singing with his other favorite musical diva, Donna Summer. Despite the fact that Barbra and Donna were on different record labels, a deal was struck and the duet came to be (in part because young Jason Gould told his mother he wanted to meet Donna). To make the song Jabara had written fit in with the wet theme, Paul added a verse about tears and raincoats. Then, Barbra and Donna went to work and the result was a glorious teaming of two great voices. It turned out to be on of Barbra's best duets ever. Wet is filled with wonderful cuts, like Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer's "Come Rain or Come Shine" and the back-to-back ballads "On Rainy Afternoons" and "After the Rain." The latter is a simply gorgeous Alan and Marilyn Bergman lyric. Another tremendous contribution came from Marvin Hamlisch, the power ballad "Niagara." Undiscovered gem: "Kiss Me in the Rain" -- and the fact that the album begins and ends with the same word...wet.

Come Rain or Come Shine
Splish Splash
On Rainy Afternoons
After the Rain
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (w/ Donna Summer)
I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight
Kiss Me in the Rain

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