Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Main Event 1979

The Main Event 1979
For some reason, What's Up, Doc? never had a soundtrack -- even though it boasted a dynamic version of Cole Porter's "You're the Top" by Barbra, a sweet duet of the same song with Ryan O'Neal, and Barbra's seductive interpretation of "As Time Goes By." It was a lost opportunity. When Ryan and Barbra re-teamed for The Main Event, the chance to do a soundtrack album was seized by Columbia Records. The disco craze was at its height and Barbra was given a sure fire dance song that incorporated the name of the film. "The Main Event/Fight" was high energy and Barbra made it her own by adding a slow intro that built to the dance music. It all added up to a summer radio hit that helped make the film a success. The rest of the album is music from the film. Undiscovered gem: Barbra's moody, ballad version of "The Main Event."

The Main Event/Fight
The Body Shop
The Main Event/Fight (short version)
Copeland Meets the Coasters/Get A Job
Big Girls Don't Cry
It's Your Foot Again
Angry Eyes
I'd Clean A Fish For You
The Main Event (Streisand)

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