Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guilty 1980

Guilty 1980
In 1980, Barry Gibb and his brothers Maurice and Robin -- the BeeGees -- were at the top of the music business thanks to monster success of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Branching out into producing and writing for other artists, Barry Gibb was intrigued by the idea of working with Barbra Streisand. His goal was to make the best album she'd ever recorded. Their collaboration, Guilty, achieved that goal in the minds of many music critics and fans. Adapting her style to the Gibbs' music, Barbra immersed herself to the project, letting their music flow through her. She says it's one of the easiest albums she ever recorded; she just put herself in Barry's hands and the collaboration clicked. The blending of Brooklyn songstress and Aussie composer proved to be something magical. Barbra and Barry's two duets -- "Guilty" and "What Kind of Fool" -- are album highlights, and Barbra's single of "Woman in Love" was also a massive hit. Stoney End kicked off what is the true Barbra Streisand pop era -- a time in which she would achieve many radio hits and chart toppers -- with Guilty being the zenith. Undiscovered gem: "Never Give Up"

Guilty (w/Barry Gibb)
Woman In Love
Run Wild
The Love Inside
What Kind of Fool (w/Barry Gibb)
Life Story
Never Give Up
Make It Like a Memory

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