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Timeless: Live In Concert 2000

Timeless: Live In Concert 2000
Like 1994's Barbra The Concert, Timeless the CD is at its best when Barbra's singing -- if only because the visuals are missing to fill in the gaps. However, Timeless is a superb show that surpasses The Concert in some ways. Barbra again chose a biographical outline for the show, but thanks to the many changes in her life, Timeless is an entirely new and different production that reflects changes in Barbra's life. While The Concert was about seeking love, Timeless is more introspective, as Barbra literally has a young girl -- singer/actress Lauren Frost -- play young Barbara. And while memory pieces like Barbra doing "Cry Me A River," "A Sleepin' Bee" and "Lover, Come Back to Me" are riveting, it's the pieces where she sings with Lauren (and reveals new information about her late father) that are spellbinding. The "You'll Never Know"/"Papa, Can You Hear Me" pairing is positively brilliant. The Act 1 finale, Barbra singing with herself on the screen as Yentl as well as with Lauren as Mini-Me is as great a theatrical flourish as I've ever seen -- and even on CD, it's still a knockout. Act 2 is also extremely effective as Barbra shares the unabashed love she has for her husband and son. Undiscovered gem: "Don't Like Goodbyes" from the People album -- a great example of Barbra reaching back for just the right song for just the right occasion!

Opening/You'll Never Know
Something's Coming (duet with Lauren Frost)
The Way We Were
Shirley MacLaine 1K
Cry Me A River
Lover, Come Back To Me
A Sleepin' Bee
Miss Marmelstein
I'm the Greatest Star/Second Hand Rose/Don't Rain on My Parade [Medley]
Something Wonderful/Being Alive [Medley]
As Time Goes/Speak Low [Medley]
Dialogue (Father, Pt. 1)
Papa Can You Hear Me?/You'll Never Know
A Piece of Sky

Putting It Together
On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Send in the Clowns
Duets - I've Got A Crush On You (w/Frank Sinatra)
Technology (Dialogue)
The Clicker Blues
Simple Pleasures
The Main Event/Fight
Dialogue (Father, Pt. 2)
I've Dreamed of You
At the Same Time
Auld Lang Syne (Ballad)
New Year's Eve/Auld Lang Syne (Celebration)
Everytime You Hear Auld Lang Syne
Happy Days Are Here Again
Don't Like Goodbyes
I Believe/Somewhere

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