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A Love Like Ours 1999

A Love Like Ours 1999
There's an old saying that goes all the world loves a lover, and Barbra put that to the test when she decided to dedicate an album of romantic songs to the love of her life, her new husband James Brolin. Photos of the two were featured photos throughout and Barbra sang -- beautifully -- three songs from her wedding. The feeling of the CD is romantic bliss. Barbra's like a happy Sadie, Sadie married lady, and unless you're a grouch, it's adorable. We're allowed to glimpse into Barbra's wedding by hearing the music from the day: "I've Dreamed of You," "Just One Lifetime" and "Isn't It A Pity," and Barbra's vocals are excellent. The duet on the album, "If You Ever Leave Me," is Barbra's pairing with country superstar Vince Gill. Columbia seemed intent on building up Barbra's catalog with duets; and later they were all used on her Duets album. Barbra revisits "The Music That Makes Me Dance" (from Funny Girl) for the first time in years, and it's a great addition to the album and superior to the original cast album version. The album cover, by the way, is a lovely homage to People; only now Barbra is not alone on the beach, she's with the man with whom she's chosen to live her life. Undiscovered gem: "Wait," a deep, thoughtful gem from Michel Legrand and Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

I've Dreamed of You
Isn't It A Pity
The Island
Love Like Ours
If You Ever Leave Me (duet with Vince Gill)
We Must Be Loving Right
If I Never Met You
It Must Be You
Just One Lifetime
If I Didn't Love You
The Music That Makes Me Dance

Bonus Tracks:
Just Because
Let's Start Right Now

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