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Christmas Memories 2001

Christmas Memories 2001
Ever since Barbra recorded A Christmas Album in 1967, Columbia had been after her to do another holiday collection. Could you blame them? That lone Streisand collection of Christmas carols and religious songs had become a perennial hit -- a certifiable evergreen! And that's how a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn wound up making two Christmas albums. Ironically, the 1967 CD is more reverent than Christmas Memories, with the addition of the religious themed songs. It's also more traditional, too, with many popular holiday classics. Not wanting to repeat herself, Barbra's approach for Christmas Memories is a reverie -- it's looking back at happy, comforting times -- and the music carries that theme. Overall, it's an excellent album of Christmas songs, not a rehash of the ones we know so well. Barbra's love for ballads shines through, with one really catchy "up" tune, "It Must Have Been the Mistletoe," in the bunch. Barbra scores high with Stephen Sondheim's "I Remember," a song he re-crafted just for her, adding a verse that evokes a Christmas scene. And for sheer emotional power, "Closer" -- coming so soon after the tragedy of 9/11 -- is the cut you'll listen to and never forget. Undiscovered gem: "One God"

I'll Be Home for Christmas
A Christmas Love Song
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
I Remember
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe
Christmas Lullaby
Christmas Mem'ries
Grown Up Christmas List
Ave Maria
One God

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