Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Movie Album 2003

The Movie Album 2003
After the success of two albums devoted to Broadway, Barbra turned her attention to film music. True to form, Barbra's choices were eclectic, covering a wide spectrum from the 1930's "I'm In the Mood for Love," to a little known Stephen Sondheim ballad from Warren Beatty's Reds called "Goodbye For Now." There were also unusual entries, like "Emily" (from The Americanization of Emily), which Barbra had turned into a song in which she was the title character, thus having the song make sense. "Calling You" sounded like something evocative from a Songbird or Superman session, while her take on "Smile" was elementally timeless and pure. The most personal song of the set was "More In Love With You," by Andre Previn with new lyrics provided by the Bergmans. The music had been  played at Barbra's wedding to James Brolin, specifically when she walked down the aisle. Undiscovered gem: "Wild Is the Wind," a moody, sexy love song from an Anna Magnani movie of the same name, which had been nominated for an Oscar and made popular by Barbra's favorite male singer, Johnny Mathis.

Moon River
I'm In the Mood for Love
Wild Is the Wind
More In Love With You
How Do You Keep the Music Playing
But Beautiful
Calling You
The Second Time Around
Goodbye For Now
You're Gonna Hear From Me

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