Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guilty Pleasures 2005

Guilty Pleasures 2005
Fifteen years after the international success of Guilty, Barbra's collaboration with Barry Gibb, the two decided to team up once again. Originally this album was to be called Guilty Too, but ultimately the title Guilty Pleasures was chosen. In another homage to the original album, Barbra and Barry again posed for the cover shot -- this time in all black instead of all white -- and they again did two duets . The collection of pop songs were well-suited to Barbra's voice and she sounds especially lovely on the two bossa nova styled number, "Golden Dawn" and "Hideaway." Barry framed Barbra with some different arrangements this time out, like the exotic "All the Children" and 50's styled "Come Tomorrow." He also got her back into dance music with the pulsating "Night of My Life." "Letting Go" and "Don't Throw It All Away" showcased her strong affinity for ballads, uncovering new meanings in the words. Undiscovered gem: "Above the Law," Barry and Barbra's duet that captured their vocal chemistry much as "Guilty" had in 1980.

Come Tomorrow (Duet with Barry Gibb)
Stranger In A Strange Land
It's Up To You
Night Of My Life
Above The Law (Duet with Barry Gibb)
Without Your Love
All The Children
Golden Dawn
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
Letting Go

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