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The Mirror Has Two Faces 1996

The Mirror Has Two Faces 1996
Barbra wore many different hats for The Mirror Has Two Faces -- director, actress, producer and composer. She wrote the musical theme that Marvin Hamlisch, Robert "Mutt" Lange and Bryan Adams developed into "I Finally Found Someone," the love song for the film. But that wasn't the only song written for the film. On the soundtrack another song called "All of My Life" appeared, and it was terrific -- and it was also based on the love theme Barbra had created. This one had Bergman lyrics and Marvin Hamlisch's involvement as well. Still, Streisand's duet with Bryan Adams was a big selling point for the movie and became a very popular hit song, a wedding favorite. "All of My Life," though, may be one of the best movie songs Barbra never sang in a movie! A third song called "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" was also recorded by Barbra for the picture. That one was dropped during previews and is not on this album. The rest of the soundtrack is primarily Hamlisch's score, and it's a fine effort. Undiscovered gem: "All of My Life"

Main Title/In Questa Reggia
Got Any Scotch
An Ad
In A Sentimental Mood
Rose Sees Greg
Alex Hurts Rose
The Dating Montage
My Intentions?
You Picked Me!
A Funny Kind of Proposal
Picnic in the Park
Greg Falls for Rose
Try a Little Tenderness (Sanborn)
The Mirror
Going Back to Mom
Rocking in the Chair
The Power Inside of Me (vocal - Richard Marx)
Rose Leaves Greg
Rose Dumps Alex
Greg Claims Rose
Apology/Nessun Dorma (vocal - Pavorotti)
I Finally Found Someone (duet w/Bryan Adams)
All Of My Life (Streisand)

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