Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Is This Photo Really All About!

For years since this picture appeared in a woman's magazine, showing Barbra in the back of a limo surrounded by food, fans have wondered what it was all about? Well, I think I know. All the stuff around Barbra screams NEW YORK CITY! She's reading the New York Times. The bottle of cel-ray soda, the Italian ices in her hand, the candy bars on the side, salty pretzel sticks, the Italian bread, and that shopping bag is brimming with the stuff to make old-fashioned chicken soup!

Add to that the toys on Barbra's right -- a paddle ball and jump rope -- are very much city games. So, the stylist for this photo was obviously trying to show that Barbra's still a city girl at heart, i.e. you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can't take Brooklyn out of the girl! Do you think I'm right? Write me with your thought about My Thought of the Day!  Ally

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