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The Way We Were 1974

The Way We Were 1974
Barbra's hit movie The Way We Were opened in the fall of 1973 and included a poignant title song which she performed over the opening (and closing) credits. Variety's film critic not only dismissed the film as "popcorn junk," he declared the title song saccharine drivel. Yes, he wrong about both! The single of "The Way We Were" hit the charts on November 24, 1973, climbed to number one, and was the number one song of the year! There was no way Columbia Records would allow the single to stand alone -- they wanted an album from Barbra a.s.a.p. Barbra recorded new material -- like Carole King's "Being At War With Each Other" and Paul Simon's "Something So Right" -- and added it to material she'd recorded for a shelved album called The Singer ("The Best Thing You've Ever Done" and "What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life"). For good measure, she included the "My Buddy/How About Me" medley from The Belle of 14th Street TV special which was simply gorgeous. The amalgam blended beautifully to make a superb album -- one of Barbra's all-time best. The trio of Michel Legrand/Marilyn and Alan Bergman movie ballads -- "What Are You Doing the Rest of our Life," "Summer Me, Winter Me" and "Pieces of Dreams" are vibrant and winning. Her interpretation of Stevie Wonder's "All In Love Is Fair" is unmatched, and "I've Never Been A Woman Before" is stunning. Undiscovered gem: "The Best Thing You've Ever Done" may be one of the best bitter love songs Barbra's ever recorded -- right up there with "Cry Me A River."

Being At War With Each Other
Something So Right
The Best Thing You've Ever Done
The Way We Were
All in Love is Fair
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
Summer Me, Winter Me
Pieces Of Dreams
I've Never Been A Woman Before
Medley: My Buddy/How About Me

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