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Till I Loved You 1988

Till I Loved You 1988
Till I Loved You was an album that began as a concept piece, the story of a relationship told in song. Remnants of a "plot" remain, but the theme never reached fruition. There's the beginning of a relationship, the glow of love, the troubles and the break up, but perhaps it had something to do with Don Johnson's involvement. Johnson, who was a big television star at the time thanks to Miami Vice,  was Barbra's beau at the time. Columbia Records had actually introduced the two at an industry event and since he was on the label, Johnson was cast as the leading man on a few songs on Barbra's album. The songs with Don are quite good -- "Till I Loved You" and "What Were We Thinking Of?" They really connect musically in a sweet, casual and romantic way. But the romantic theme was unfulfilled. Quincy Jones, who'd wanted to work with Barbra for years, put together the big ballad "Places You Find Love," but no other cuts on the album. And there are good moments like "On My Way to You,"  and Barbra's solo version of the duet "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera. Undiscovered gem: "Two People," Barbra's composition from the Nuts soundtrack which hear becomes a sweet ballad with lyrics by the Bergmans

The Places You Find Love
On My Way to You
Till I Loved You (duet with Don Johnson)
Love Light
All I Ask of You
You and Me for Always
Why Let It Go
Two People
What Were We Thinking Of
Some Good Things Never Last
One More Time Around

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