Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stoney End 1971

Stoney End 1971
For Barbra, the 1970's really began in 1971 with Stoney End. At last the changing times, which Barbra felt as surely as the rest of the world, was reflected in her music. With the encouragement of producer Richard Perry, Barbra embraced the music of her contemporaries, like Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Randy Newman and Carole King, among others. Barbra was able to connect to their material and give it her best -- smart, soulful and heartfelt interpretations. "I Don't Know Where I Stand" is a brilliant opening, but it's the Nyro songs -- "Stoney End," "Flim Flam Man" and "Time and Love" -- that makes Barbra's voice soar. Undiscovered gem: "Just A Little Lovin'"

I Don't Know Where I Stand
Hands Off the Man
If You Could Read My Mind
Just A Little Lovin'
Let Me Go
Stoney End
No Easy Way Down
Time and Love
Free the People
I'll Be Home

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