Friday, May 25, 2012

On A Clear Day 1970

On A Clear Day 1970
To this day, among Streisand fans, On A Clear Day is one of Barbra's best films -- and a favorite score. And yet, for whatever reasons, this movie garnered no Oscar consideration, and the album received little attention. Nevertheless, it's quality entry in the Streisand catalog if only for Barbra's terrific vocals. The arrangements are by Nelson Riddle, famous for his work with Frank Sinatra, and he lends Barbra some stellar support here, like the brassy "Hurry, It's Lovely Here," and the dramatic "What Did I Have I Don't Have Now." "On A Clear Day" remains her most vivid and powerful song, leaving Yves Montand's rendition in the dust. "Go To Sleep" is short and sweet, but considering that it's a new song Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane penned especially for Barbra, and wish they might have been more ambitious. They do better with the sensuous "Love With All the Trimmings." Undiscovered gem: "He Isn't You," which Barbra sings almost like art song.

Hurry It's Lovely Up Here
On A Clear Day
Love With All the Trimmings
Go to Sleep
He Isn't You
What Did I Have That I Don't Have?
Come Back to Me (Montand)
On a Clear Day (Montand)
On a Clear Day

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