Friday, May 25, 2012

Simply Streisand 1967

Simply Streisand 1967
1967 -- it was a year when the world was in flux and times they were "a changin'." Maybe that's why Barbra's Simply Streisand failed to click with record-buyers. Perhaps Barbra's music seemed out of step with the world around her. Today, we don't have that hang up. We can appreciate the album just for the musical content. And based on that alone, Simply continues Barbra's successfully searching movie, theater and the classic standards of Tin Pan Alley for excellent material -- and making the most of them. Simply has quintessential Barbra versions of "The Nearness of You," "My Funny Valentine," "I'll Know" and "When Sunny Gets Blue." Her "Lover Man" may not have the gritty sulty, soulfulness of Billie Holliday's, but it's just as effective. Only "Stout-Hearted Men" seems a bit forced, and even that's hardly a detriment. Undiscovered gems: There are two -- "All the Things You Are," with the most beautiful verse ever written, and "Make the Man Love Me" (from the Broadway show A Tree Grows In Brooklyn).

My Funny Valentine
The Nearness of You
When Sunny Gets Blue
Make the Man Love Me
Lover Man
More Than You Know
I'll Know
All the Things You Are
The Boy Next Door
The Stout-Hearted Men

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