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The Prince of Tides Soundtrack 1991

The Prince of Tides Soundtrack 1991
James Newton Howard provided the lush, romantic movie music for The Prince of Tides, just the kind of sweeping accompaniment that director Barbra Streisand wanted for her picture. John Barry, whose illustrious career included great romantic scores like Somewhere In Time and Out of Africa, not to mention the haunting Born Free and the vibrant James Bond theme, was Barbra's first choice as composer. Barry's effort was serious and sad, beautiful but in a very dark and somber way. Barbra asked for a brighter rewrite and Barry said no; he heard it his way and that was it. When he departed the film, Howard stepped in and fulfilled the desires of the auteur. You can hear Barry's rejected theme on a CD called Moviola, and as good as it is, it probably wouldn't have achieved what Barbra envisioned for the movie.  Based on Howard's more hopeful, optimistic music, Marilyn and Alan Bergman wrote lyrics to a love song for Tom and Lowenstein called "Places That Belong to You." Barbra recorded it, and also the standard "For All We Know," which was played as dance music in the Rainbow Room scene. Neither vocal was heard in the film, but are on the soundtrack. Barbra thought it was inappropriate to hear Lowenstein sing at the end of the movie, and so for that reason alone, it's imperative to have the soundtrack to hear Barbra's beautiful vocals.

Main Title
Teddy Bears
To New York
The Bloodstain
The Fish Market
The New York Willies
The Village Walk
Lila's Theme
Home Movies
Daddy's Home
The Hallway (Love Theme)
They Love You Dad
So Cruel
Savannah Awakes
Love Montage
Tom Comes Home
The Outdoors
Tom's Breakdown
The Street
For All We Know [Instrumental]
The Reunion
End Credits
For All We Know (Streisand)
Places That Belong to You (Streisand)

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