Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Voice 1987

One Voice 1987
Ever since A Star Is Born, Barbra had contemplated a return to the concert stage. Jon Peters urged her to conquer her stage fright to take advantage of the millions she was being offered to sing around the world. Barbra wasn't moved by the offers and it seemed nothing could get her to tour (and wouldn't for nearly a decade). It was just too painful to sing live in public; her stage fright was that paralyzing. But when Barbra was approached by the Hollywood Women's Political Committee to raise funds for six Democratic senatorial campaigns, she reconsidered her stance. If her singing live -- her one voice -- could make a difference, she'd face her fear and do it! One Voice became the name for the fundraiser, and to make things as easy on her as possible, she decided to stage the concert right in her own backyard! She had a stage built in the meadow of her Malibu ranch and invited 500 of her closest Hollywood friends and associates, charging a cool $2,500 a person, to attend. The seats were snatched up immediately, as soon as the personalized cassette recordings -- Barbra's invitation --   were delivered. To raise even more money for the cause, Barbra arranged for Columbia to record the concert -- and HBO to broadcast it (if it lived up to Streisand's exacting standards), with the proceeds going to the candidates. One Voice became Barbra's follow up to The Broadway Album, but it stands on its own as a cozy, intimate collection of Barbra favorites, plus some exciting new numbers that she'd never sung before. Barbra's two takes on Judy Garland songs, "Over the Rainbow" and "It's A New World," are beautifully interpreted, and in typical Barbra style, she sang the rarely heard verse for "Rainbow" which made it seem completely fresh. Her live rendition of "Papa, Can You Hear Me" is superb and emotional. And there's the pleasant addition of guest star Barry Gibb, the first time the Guilty collaborators ever sang their duets from that album together in public. Undiscovered gem: "Somewhere"

Guilty (duet with Barry Gibb)
It's A New World
Over the Rainbow
America the Beautiful
Papa Can You Hear Me
Happy Days Are Here Again
Something's Coming
The Way We Were
What Kind of Fool (duet w/Barry Gibb)

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