Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Barbra Streisand Videocast 5/27/12 - Sunday With Ally and Launch

Hi everyone! Welcome to the latest Sunday With Ally -- The Barbra Streisand Videocast for 5/27/12!  This week the big news is that Barbra's doing 2 shows in Brooklyn -- and hopefully we've all snagged tickets! There will be lots of big events that week, so keep watching for all the news.

The Kickstarter project is almost over -- just 3 days to go. Please pledge if you haven't already gotten on board. Here's the LINK.

Finally -- last but not least -- there's a new Barbra website for you to enjoy -- It officially launches NOW -- so go over, check it out and share your comments with me.

Here's the video -- tell me what you think of this, too, if you like!

Till next week,


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