Friday, October 14, 2011

Barbra-Elle -- Gotta Get It

Okay, Barbra fans, the Elle Magazine with Barbra's profile is on the stands. She's also on the cover, but you're going to have to hunt around to find it. Here in South Florida, I've only seen Jennifer Aniston's mug on the magazine cover. "I WANT MY BARBRA COVER!"

Inside, the pictures are beautiful. Barbra's looking very youthful in these images, in part because her outfit is very casual and fun. I like the look.

As for the copy, it was fascinating to hear from Barbra's leading men...Dustin Hoffman, Ryan O'Neal, Jeff Bridges and Kris Kristofferson. They all had nothing but sweet things to say about her. And Donna Karan had some great insights about Barbra...that simply/complex personality that she has.

But most fascinating of all to me were Barbra's comments about Jason Gould, her son and pride and joy. Jason's making music and singing. Hmm...are we going to someday soon hear Jason sing? Wouldn't it be something if Jason's inherited his mother (and grandmother's!) musical talent?


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