Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Genius of 'Yentl'

There's no question in my mind that of everything Barbra Streisand has done as an actress, singer, director, writer and entertainer, Yentl is her masterpiece. Nearly 30 years have passed since it was in movie theaters, but it remains a timeless classic. Those years that Barbra spent pondering, planning and preparing for her interpretation of the Singer story was all worth it because the greatness endures.

     It's interesting, though, to note that there was a lot of time, effort and real hard work that went into the creation. Below is an excellent video put together by Arne Z. of the Barbra News message board, using clips from the movie and a rehearsal recording of Barbra singing "The Way He Makes Me Feel." It's illuminating and ultimately satisfying to appreciate the journey of Yentl…how the final version of the picture came to be. Enjoy -- and thank you Arne for your hard work.

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