Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Las Vegas Barbra Show I Never Got to See

Recently, someone posted this mock-up of Barbra's image as she looked in 1970 when she performed at the Riviera Hotel. It conjured up a memory for me. I recall reading about Barbra doing Vegas, but as a 14-year-old kid in Miami, how was I going to get the money to fly across the country to see her?  Well, in my desperate Barbra mania, I had to try...right? I went to a travel agency and asked for brochures for The International and Riviera, where I knew Barbra was performing. I figured out the airfare and even estimated a hotel room. Then I went to my mother and begged, cajoled, pleaded and did handstands to get her to agree. My mother wasn't budging. We just didn't have the money; that was that. I knew only one thing that would make her reconsider. I said, "If I lose weight, a lot of weight, will you take me?" With a knowing smile, she said, yes. You see, Mom had watched me diet and fail so many times, it was a safe bet! Maybe subconsciously I knew I was fighting a losing battle, that even if I lost 50 lbs., she still wouldn't have the money. I gave up the plan and didn't see BJS live until 1994! Sigh...what might have been, eh? Check out a song from that show, "No Easy Way Down."

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