Saturday, May 26, 2012

Streisand Superman 1977

Streisand Superman 1977
Riding high on the commercial success of A Star Is Born, Columbia urged Barbra to strike while the iron is hot with another album. Superman is in many ways Son of A Star Is Born. The cover art -- Barbra in a provocative white Superman tee shirt and shorty-shorts -- was inspired by a scene from the film, and two of the songs on the CD are A Star Is Born cast-offs, "Lullaby for Myself" and "Answer Me." "Don't Believe What You Read" is Barbra's response to the hateful press she was receiving at the time because of her liaison with Jon Peters. All those connections to A Star Is Born aren't bad; they give Streisand Superman spunk and character. "Answer Me" is another Streisand composition, a dreamy love song about intimacy, and "Lullaby for Myself" is a dynamic and clever Rupert Holmes composition about self-empowerment. Other entries that make Superman super are "Love Comes From Unexpected Places" and Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind." Undiscovered gem: "My Heart Belongs to Me"…although can a hit song be undiscovered?

Don't Believe What You Read
Baby Me Baby
I Found You Love
Answer Me
My Heart Belongs To Me
Cabin Fever
Love Comes from Unexpected Places
New York State of Mind
Lullaby for Myself

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