Friday, May 25, 2012

People 1964

People 1964
Funny Girl opened on Broadway in March 1964 and Barbra was the biggest star around, appearing on magazine covers and being mentioned in news stories everywhere. The song "People" was a top-ten single by April, and Columbia was anxious for Barbra to give them an album to take advantage on the single's success as well as her notoriety. However, Barbra was quite busy with Funny Girl -- eight shows a week. Therefore, a new album -- called People -- wasn't ready until September. It proved to be worth the wait. In some ways, Barbra was on a path, learning the right way to record and what kinds of song worked best in the studio. Her first three solo albums lead to a destination, and that's People, an album that's nearly perfect. There's great confidence in her performances here, a masterful quality that's a marvel to behold. That confidence even appears on the brilliant, audacious cover. An album called People in which she's standing alone on a beach, her back to the camera! Every song works, everything clicks. Barbra vamps in Italian in "When In Rome," gets bluesy with "Suppertime," beguiles with "Will He Like Me?" and "How Does the Wine Taste?" and breaks your heart with "Don't Like Goodbyes." And the title song is simply great. Undiscovered gem: "Autumn"

Absent Minded Me
When in Rome
Fine and Dandy
Will He Like Me?
How Does the Wine Taste
I'm All Smiles
My Lord and Master
Love Is a Bore
Don't Like Goodbyes

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