Saturday, May 26, 2012

Live Concert At the Forum 1972

Live Concert At the Forum 1972
Once Barbra had successfully integrated pop music into her recording career, she also presented the new material in her live performances. She was already developing discomfort about performing live -- suffering from near-paralyzing stage fright -- but some occasions were worth taking to the stage. Live Concert in 1972 was an event to raise money for Democratic presidential candidate Senator George McGovern. Barbra joined Carole King, James Taylor and Quincy Jones in a concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. Barbra's set was recorded and released as this album. It was, essentially, the same songs she'd been doing in Las Vegas where she was completing contractual obligations she'd made in the 1960s. There's great energy to Live Concert, starting with "Sing/Make Your Own Kind of Music." "Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead" also showcased her adventurous new attitude about music, giving gospel a try. There are two knockout performances, both ballads -- and back to back: "Didn't We" and "My Man." Undiscovered gem: Barbra's live "Stoney End"

Sing/Make Your Own Kind of Music
Starting Here, Starting Now
Don't Rain On My Parade
On A Clear Day
Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead
Didn't We
My Man
Stoney End
Sing/Happy Days Are Here Again

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