Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello Dolly 1969

Hello Dolly 1969
Perhaps it's stating the obvious, but the soundtrack for Hello Dolly is at it's best when Barbra Streisand is singing. Walter Matthau's vocals make Omar Sharif's on the Funny Girl soundtrack seem like Sinatra! Michael Crawford had yet to become the Phantom, so his performances here are vaguely reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Marianne McAndrews was dubbed by an unnamed soprano. That leaves Barbra to carry the yeoman's share -- and she does so brilliantly. Her voice was in superb form and she brings clarity and crispness to "Just Leave Everything To Me" and "Love Is Only Love." It's in the ensemble work that she really soars, bringing verve to "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" and really taking charge with "Before The Parade Passes By." Undiscovered gem: "So Long Dearie" isn't really undiscovered, but it becomes a Streisand gem.

Just Leave Everything to Me (Streisand)
It Takes A Woman (Matthau)
It Takes A Woman - Reprise (Streisand)
Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Streisand & company)
Ribbons Down My Back (McAndrews)
Dancing (Streisand & company)
Before the Parade Passes By (Streisand)
Elegance (Crawford & company)
Love Is Only Love (Streisand)
Hello, Dolly (Streisand, Armstrong & company)
It Only Takes A Moment (Crawford & company)
So Long Dearie (Streisand)
Finale (company)

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