Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Lady 1975

Funny Lady 1975
When Columbia Records president Clive Davis, who'd been instrumental in getting Barbra to update her recording image in 1969, left the label to start Arista Records, he was given a gift -- the soundtrack to Barbra's newest film, Funny Lady. In fact, Funny Lady was the very first Arista LP. The soundtrack includes the music from the film, but has alternate versions and doesn't follow the order of the movie. "So Long Honey Lamb," which was just partially seen in the final cut of the film, doesn't make much sense on the album -- a joke that might have worked if we'd seen it on the screen. The high points are Barbra's big numbers, "Let's Hear It For Me" and "Great Day," in particular. Undiscovered gem: "If I Love Again" which is a simple, classic Barbra ballad.

Blind Date
More Than You Know
It's Only A Paper Moon/I Like Him
I Found a Million Dollar Baby
So Long Honey Lamb
I Got A Code in My Doze
Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie (Vereen)
(It's Gonna Be A) Great Day
How Lucky Can You Get
Am I Blue
Isn't This Better
If I Love Again
Let's Here It For Me
Me And My Shadow (Caan)
How Lucky Can You Get (Single Mix)

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