Saturday, May 26, 2012

Emotion 1984

Emotion 1984
Yentl was a major event in Barbra's professional life -- an ultimate moment. When it was time to record a new album, Columbia execs were anxious for her to return to pop music, something more commercial than the Yentl soundtrack. They wanted another Guilty, an international powerhouse rock/pop album that made a fortune. Without the unifying producer of Barry Gibb, Emotion was not the hit that Guilty had been. Instead, Emotion was a bit of a mish-mash. When it was good, though, it was quite good -- like "Heart Don't Change My Mind," "Clear Sailing" and "Emotion." "Left In the Dark," a big, theatrical ballad composed by Jim Steinman, master of the rock opera aria ("Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Bat Out of Hell") was showy, but not a blockbuster radio hit. Barbra co-wrote a rock song, "You're A Step In the Right Direction," with John Cougar Mellancamp, but the best of Emotion is found in the quiet moments like "Best I Could" and "Here We Are At Last." Some critics suggested that Emotion may have been a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth for Barbra, but the experience was important for Streisand. It convinced Barbra to return to her roots on her next album -- The Broadway Album. Undiscovered gem: "Time Machine"

Make No Mistake He's Mine
Time Machine
Best I Could
Left In the Dark
Heart (Don't Change My Mind)
When I Dream
You're a Step in the Right Direction
Clear Sailing
Here We Are At Last

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