Friday, May 25, 2012

Color Me Barbra 1966

Color Me Barbra 1966
While Color Me Barbra seems to reflect much of her award-winning TV special, the CD itself is not dependent on the show's visuals. In fact, the album is bursting with a musical color and vibrancy all its own. Starting with the triumphant trumpet fanfare that introduces "Yesterdays," to the bongo beats of "Gotta Move" and the sonorous strings of "Where Or When," Color Me Barbra is rich and sumptuous. The "That Face" medley dominates much of the album, and it's a delightful collection of songs about looks cleverly woven together. It reaches a surprisingly emotional conclusion when Barbra longingly wonders if she's "Stayed Too Long At the Fair" and receives the answer when Sadie, her little poodle, comes to her side. "Look At That Face" is then sung to the dog and it's a tender, heartfelt moment (on screen and on CD). From the concert finale, Barbra's seductive "C'est Si Bon" -- like "Non C'est Rien" -- is a preview of her French album. And "Where Am I Going?" is another example of Barbra finding great material from Broadway (Sweet Charity). Undiscovered gem: "The Minute Waltz" is a comic wonder.

One Kiss
The Minute Waltz
Gotta Move
Non C'est Rien
Where or When
C'est Si Bon
Where Am I Going?
Starting Here, Starting Now
Medley: Animal Crackers; Funny Face; That Face; They Didn't Believe Me; Were Thine That Special Face; I've Grown Accustomed to His Face; Let's Face the Music and Dance; Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long; What's New Pussycat?; Small World; I Love You; Look At that Face

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