Sunday, April 15, 2012

Talking Barbra Streisand News, the Barbra Streisand Videocast 4/15/12

Hi Barbra buddies --

Welcome to "The Barbra Streisand Videocast," also known as Sundays With Ally.  This week we're chatting about "The Guilt Trip," "Gypsy," writing books, Mike Wallace and how he made Barbra cry on "60 Minutes." Even some Roslyn Kind talk!

I also have a very important question this week -- so watch and respond. I need your input, really. So, help me out!

Till next week -- I'm your Barbra friend,


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  1. Hi Ally. Thanks very much for the new Sunday addiction. Of course its Monday morning in Australia before you're on so there's the sleepless night to savor as well. I really would like a website along the lines you mentioned. Your folders look so juicy. I'm a browser with a browser, never really got twitter or facebook. The net seemed dimmer when Mark took BSMG down. Scrapbooked the site as soon as Mark gave notice and it says Superman/A Man I Loved was released March '79. Matt's Archives and Barbratimeless (who writes that? I've never been clear) are daily drop-ins and I love the different perspectives they give. So, Barbra Ally is a side street I'm hoping to peruse someday soon. BTW, The Book Patch site keeps rejecting my card, so haven't been able to get hold of your new book yet, you hearing this from anyone else or is it just me?
    Thanks Ally, Allan.