Sunday, March 18, 2012

Everything's Coming Up 'Gypsy'-Barbra Streisand Videocast 3/18/12


Hi Barbra buddies --

Hope you all enjoy this week's "Gypsy"-centric videocast. It was fun just musing about the movie now that Barbra's fully -- officially -- committed.

I'm going to be starting chemo tomorrow, so please send me good thoughts that everything goes smoothly and my hair stays right where it is!

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  1. Oh My God!! I never thought of the June/Roz connection! That's incredibly fascinating Alli! Thanks for another great vidcast.

  2. Hey Ally, just discovered your videocasts and naturally watched them in reverse order... a bit backward right now. Its great to hear you chat about Barbra. Your Scrapbook sits happily thumbed among the official and bootleg disks. And I'm greedy for Movie Musicals - part one and more! As for the 12 set, for years I've fantasized slipping the new Roadshow Clear Day into the player. Even if ?Matt says its likely lost, I'm not ready to put that dream away. Not thinking about Guilt Trip at all, I want it to be 'one of those moments'. I will confess a moment of real panic when I read the Gypsy rumors last year. Until Windmills. Then I remembered all over again "can't" and 'Barbra' make no sense in the same thought. I saw her on the Garland show at 10 and nothing was the same. Be well. Happy anniversary.